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What should you look out for in your home loan?

Buying a new property? Here’s what you need to look out for in your home loan A house is probably the first big ticket item purchase for every young Singaporean chasing the “BTO Dream”. However, having a roof over your head in a city known for its expensive housing requires careful considerations. Here are 6 […]

7 Popular areas for expats to call home in Singapore

While Singapore may not be very big, choosing a suitable area or suburb to call home can still be a daunting task. Furthermore, an ideal neighborhood for some may not be for others. The decision on where to live will likely depend on your lifestyle priorities, amenities in the area, family size, location of workplace, […]

Prime Residential Properties: An Overview of Ultra Luxury Penthouses in Singapore

The concept of a penthouse apartment originated from The Roaring Twenties in the 1920s, when North America, Western Europe and other developed nations experienced strong economic growth and construction boom. This widespread affluence and increased demand for living in the city have given rise to luxury developments on the top floor(s) of buildings – referred […]

Mortgage Packages That Can Help You Earn Tons Of Money In Your Savings Account

Homeowners are constantly overwhelmed by the many different housing loan packages offered across banks in Singapore. While homeowners generally seek for the most competitive housing loan rate or packages, they often overlook other available mortgage product features, which help assist in further reduction of financing cost. As such, innovative mortgage product features such as the […]

What You Need To Know About En-Bloc Sales In Singapore

Private property is a well sought-after commodity in land-scarce Singapore. Yet in some cases, the government and property developers can actually take over the land that your property sits on, compelling you to sell your house. Of course, the reality is often less grim with many owners of old developments suddenly becoming overnight millionaires after […]