Daniel Ong

Daniel Ong

Academically, Daniel majored in accountancy and finance. He started his career in business development in One of the Big Four. This was where he was analysing market trends, understanding different business models and applying quantitative analysis to help clients with their needs. After joining Redbrick Mortgage Advisory, he was able apply his expertise and enjoys sharing his knowledge with his clients.

Singapore: A business scene that opens its arms to talents abroad, but a real estate market that restricts foreign ownership

A growing concern amongst Singaporeans is the fear of displacement in their own country. Singapore is well on her trajectory to becoming one of the world’s most booming economy with growth schemes such as the Tech.Pass targeted at foreign tech companies, which would indirectly allude to the fact that more expats and foreign talents are to be expected in the years to come. For years, the Singaporean government has threaded a fine balance between extending its open arms to the

Looking to Attend a Property Auction? Read This First!

An alternative, but much less popular, way of buying a property in Singapore is through a property auction. As its name suggest, it involves the process of placing a property for bidding which is then sold to the highest bidder. While this seems like an ideal source of properties at a price lower than valuation, the competitive environment may lead to one paying a higher price than the true value of the property. Hence, we have come up with a