Elton Tong

Elton Tong

Elton started his career as an external auditor in one of the Big Four. He specialized in local statutory audits and group reporting for clients in the energy, shipping & logistics and aerospace sectors, with experiences in F&B, property and optical equipment manufacturing businesses. Elton is termed as a financially savvy person by those around him, and is honoured to be able to do this for his clients at a professional level. It gives him great satisfaction knowing that he is bringing value to his clients by assisting them in making the best financial decisions, and this definitely motivates him to work harder every day.

Wealth Tax in Singapore: Which One Applies to You?

If there was a common gripe to unite all Singaporeans, it would be the dreading of more taxes, whether it be GST, income tax or property tax. If anything, COVID-19 highlighted the stratifications within our society and proved that the pandemic affects everyone differently. It is no surprise that, like many developed nations around the world, Singapore also faces the challenging issue of preventing the widening of income inequality within their society, while finding ways to avoid disincentivizing ambition. Today

How SERS Give Older HDBs A New Life

Many homeowners of older HDB flats are praying that their property would be able to go through the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) to renew their aged property. Since all HDB ownership has a 99-years lease, owners of aged properties hope that through SERS, they will be able to relocate to a new home with a fresh 99-years lease. This is because the value of the property will start to depreciate when the lease is nearing the end and