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Singapore Real Estate: 2017 in Review

The year of 2017 has presented itself as an interesting year for the Singapore real estate market; full of developments that have shaped a rather rapid recovery across various sectors. One of the most prominent developments can be said to be changes in the cooling measures in March 2017 that has seemingly been relaxed. Other […]

Why the hype around properties with en-bloc potential?

Properties have life cycles, just like us. We know that property prices are largely driven by demand and supply. Today as we examine the correlation between the price and age of a property, we exclude external influences like demand, supply, inflation, immigration policies, infrastructure changes, etc. Let’s look at the profile of a typical 99-year […]

The Currency War: Is It Better To Finance Malaysian Properties In SGD or MYR?

Singapore and Malaysia are two countries that offer property investors the advantages of border proximity, ease of transportation, and close economic ties. With Singapore still ranking as the world’s most expensive city to live in (EIU), more investors are turning heads towards neighbour Malaysia. In Malaysia, the property market is gaining momentum. With developments in […]

Reading the Fine Print for Home Loans

These are the key criteria you have to take into consideration when choosing your home loan: Reference Rate This can be either a Fixed Rate, or floating rates pegged to Singapore Interbank Offer Rate (SIBOR), Swap Offer Rate (SOR) or banks’ internal Board Rates. Lock-in period Typically ranges between 1 to 3 years, but we […]

Buying a Residential Property in Singapore? Position Yourself Now!

Are you still sitting on the fence waiting for property prices to drop before buying your next property? There’s no fault exercising prudence over such a major financial decision. However, while you’re waiting for property prices to drop, your chance of getting approved for a property loan may also be slimming down. Thanks to TDSR […]

5 Facts You Wished You Knew When You Took Up Your Home Loan

If you are like most Singaporeans, you probably took up a mortgage to help pay your current place of residence. Then again, as a typical Singaporean, you might need more than half of your working lifetime to pay it off as interest payments can amount to more than 50% of the price of your property […]

The Mathematical Consideration Of Buying A Property

You could be someone that has made that 1st foray in real estate some years back and is now sitting comfortably on a property that has appreciated.  You pride yourself on that smart decision; regardless whether the property was for investment or if it is still your residential address.  With the currently repressed property market, as […]