Jesse Ho

Jesse Ho

Jesse graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Degree in Business Management. Since then, Jesse has worked for various MNCs and start-ups, taking on keys positions that allowed her to interact closely with key stakeholders to develop strategies that would propel the business forward. Through her experiences, she has developed a keen sense of intuitiveness and the ability to analyse situations and break them down into bite sized pieces for easy comprehension.

Unsecured Credit Explained: What You Need to Know To Stay Compliant

In a recent article, we introduced the differences between secured and unsecured loans. A secured loan is one that is backed by an asset which serves as collateral, similar to a housing loan. In contrast, unsecured credit is not backed by any asset, and intrinsically poses a greater credit risk to the lender. To compensate lenders for this risk, borrowers of unsecured credit such as credit card debt are often subject to relatively higher interest rates on these loans. In

Joint Tenancy And Tenancy In Common: Which Is Better?

In this article, you will be equipped with knowledge on the differences between Joint Tenancy and Tenancy in Common. With this knowledge, you would be able to make sound judgments on which you should choose  when you purchase a property with a co-owner/s. Making an informed decision on the choice of tenancy is crucial at the point of purchase as this may affect any future housing plans, such as decoupling. It also takes a great deal to change the manner

February 2021 Built-To-Order (BTO) Launch: Greater focus on caring for our pioneers

Amidst rapid westernization and change in demographic beliefs, Singapore is very much still guided by our Asian cultures and beliefs. One of the key pillars forming the Asian culture is the idea of “孝顺” which translates to filial piety, where the younger descendants make it a duty to care for their elders. Our nation’s leader spared no effort in caring for the elders of the city, from the provision of substantial housing subsidies, to cash rebates and even complementary digital