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Singapore Private Residential Property Market Analysis: CCR, OCR, RCR

In a previous article, we provided readers with a clear overview and understanding of where Singapore’s properties are located, and classified as in terms of prestige. As such, as promised in the aforesaid article, this article will conduct an analysis of the residential property market in each of Singapore’s regions: the Core Central Region (CCR), […]

A quick guide to Singapore’s regions and districts

It is understandable that at times, one might actually be unsure of the terms ‘OCR’, ‘RCR’, ‘CCR’ or even wonder what the district numbers (e.g. District 9, 10, 11) actually mean. These terms can be found everywhere, be it in newspaper articles, property reports, websites or even in daily conversations. Perhaps you might be clueless […]

The foreigner’s guide to investing in Singapore properties

Singapore has just retained, for better or worse, its title of the World’s Most Expensive City for Expats for 4 consecutive years by the EIU (Economic Intelligence Unit) in 2017. However, the high costs can be said to be, in a way, justifiable. The high standards of living which permeate through everyday life in Singapore […]