Picture of Melvin Tay

Melvin Tay

Melvin has accumulated three years of experience as an Operation and Risk Officer in the field of Contract for Difference (CFD) while employed with Phillip Capital. His responsibilities encompassed conducting credit limit analyses, preparing monthly risk reports, and overseeing daily PNL reconciliation, among other key operational and risk management tasks. The satisfaction of assisting individuals and families in securing their homes and financial stability is what keeps Melvin motivated. The opportunity to also build lasting relationships with clients further fuel his determination to excel in this profession.

BUC Loans: Financing New Home Construction Projects

So, you’ve got your sights set on a brand-new condominium launch, and you have saved up enough for the downpayment to make the purchase. But, what’s next? In Singapore, BUC refers to private properties, often condominiums, before they receive their Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP). They can be either new launches or projects that are nearing completion. Before making that purchase, you should apply for a home loan and understand the BUC loans in Singapore. In this article, we’ll delve into