Mikk Tan

Mikk Tan

Mikk was with the Navy for 6 years, well-trained to operate different kinds of systems onboard to protect the sea from threats. Here at Redbrick, Mikk can educate clients that it is not just about the lowest rates, factors like property goals and future plans also makes a difference. He can provide unbiased advice to clients, so they won't have to worry about their property financing, hereby saving them time and money.

5 Important Things to Consider when Buying a Home

Real Estate is widely regarded as the most valuable asset for a household. Due to it being a hedge against inflation, it is considered a relatively safe investment, as opposed to the more volatile Stock Market. However, it’s worth noting that a property’s value is also measured by the comfort it provides to its residents. After all, the word “Home” is strongly associated with a sense of love, comfort and safety. Here are 5 key considerations you should consider before

4 Key Factors That You Must Know When Assessing Your Loan Eligibility

What are the important things you must take note when evaluating your loan eligibility? If you have bought a property and applied for a mortgage loan before, you probably have struggled to understand the eligibility criteria. Or perhaps you have panicked about securing a loan to finance your new apartment after signing the Option To Purchase (OTP). The window to exercise your OTP is only 2 weeks for private properties and 3 weeks for HDB properties. If you have been