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Unicorn Financial Solutions is Singapore’s leading independently-owned financial planning company. They provide authentic and personalised financial solutions in financial planning, investing and wealth protection.

Manoeuvring the Bumpy Stock Market

My friends have been teaching me to how to cycle for many years, but I only picked it up in my twenties. The advice they gave was truly simple. “Look straight and just pedal!” Yet, I always fumbled because I was more concerned about the obstacles that I do not want to bang into. I was not looking at where I needed to go. In a similar way, investing is also quite simple in theory, but most of us fumble

Would You Pass The Marshmallow Test?

What do marshmallows have to do with investing? Apparently a lot! In the 1960s, the Stanford psychologist Walter Mischel carried out experiments with marshmallows for 4-year-olds, giving them an option to eat their favourite treat immediately or to double the treat if they were willing to wait. And the children were tracked for 40 years, and over and over again, the researchers found that the children who delayed their gratification succeeded in whatever capacity they were measuring – the children

Overcoming Fear in Investing

As negative as it seems, fear is not necessarily a bad thing. Consider how, for example, the fear of being knocked down may help us cross the road carefully. However, if the fear prevents us from crossing the road at all, then it is not so healthy. How does fear impact investing? Stanley Druckenmiller, known for producing an average return of 30% per year for many years for his hedge fund, once lost $3 billion during the dot-com bubble with

Instead Of Timing The Market, Invest Early And Often

Timing the market with short-term forecasts could turn out to be extremely harmful to your portfolio. Imagine walking in the park and coming across an owner of a pet dog walking the pet, and the pet is darting to its left and right while the owner is heading towards his destination. In order to invest successfully, it’d be wiser to understand and follow where the business is going (pet owner’s destination), instead of where the stock prices are going (direction

Turbocharge Your Wealth in Turbulence

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing some turbulence. Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts.” Have you ever encountered someone jumping out of a plane during a turbulence? It is hard to imagine someone doing that. However, when it comes to investing, people do ‘jump out’ during turbulent times and suffer losses. By now, everyone from Wall Street to Main Street are expecting such turbulent times ahead, with plenty of predictions of recession and stock market correction. How

Resilience Goes A Long Way

Anakin and Luke Skywalker are two of the most iconic characters in film history. Though both are gifted with The Force, Anakin succumbed to the Dark Side, while Luke became a Jedi Master. When one invests, one would strive to select the best performing investments by looking at the important qualities. Like how a Jedi Master selects a padawan, a good investor will also need to know what to look out for when he invests. In the case of Anakin

Thinking of buying Luna? Think again.

Ray Dalio, founder of the Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world, must be heaving a sigh of relief as he said he’d chose gold over Bitcoin if he had a gun to his head. Gold had been losing out to cryptocurrencies in the recent years as a store of value or inflation hedge, but with the recent crash, cryptocurrencies might have just lost their lustre to gold. What is TerraUSD? Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies,


The world stock market declined a whooping 20.4%1 this year. So what is a tried and proven way to ensure that fortune favours you through this extremely tumultuous investment storm? The often-heard D.C.A. Or Dollar Cost Averaging has proven itself to be a stellar recipe for times like this. What happened? As COVID-19 receded from the headlines, the Russia-Ukraine war took over. And what COVID-19 surfaced as weak links in the global supply chain, the war exacerbated them. This war

Inflation Or Recession?

The US inflation rose from 7.4% (in February) to a record 40-year high of 8.5% (in March) year-on-year. Causes for inflation, such as the Russia-Ukraine War, are persisting (see here for the effects of a prolonged war). Inflation is also rising globally. Following the first interest rate hike in March 2022, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) is poised to increase rates to 1.9% by end-2022, followed by 3 more hikes in 20232.                                                  What is the impact of interest rate hikes?

Would A Recession Be Imminent?

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) started the ball rolling on interest rate hikes in March after inflation reared its ugly head by clocking a 7.9% rise year-on-year in February. Another 6 more interest rate hikes are to come this year, and possibly another 4 hikes next year. The war is also causing prices to climb. Why is the war causing prices to rise? Besides supplying about a quarter of all wheat and barley shipments to the world1, the Russian-Ukraine crisis