Fans that make keeping cool at home a breeze

When you’re living in a country as hot and humid as Singapore, it’s not unusual to constantly be looking for methods to keep cool. Those of us who hold a deskbound job are usually confined within an air-conditioned environment during the day, which makes it more bearable. But on the weekends, and for some of us who work from home, having the AC on all day is not necessarily the most cost-efficient method.

The next best alternative to keep cool would then be fans. Fans usually come in 3 forms: on the floor being supported by its own base, mounted on the wall, or suspended from the ceiling.

Standing fans are the easiest to purchase – you can buy them off stores selling home appliances. They are also fairly simple to assemble, but a much bigger hassle when it comes to cleaning. Whenever it’s time for spring cleaning, you’d have to pull the entire fan and all its parts apart and wash them individually.

The same could be said about wall mounted fans when it comes to the cleaning process. Worse still, when you’d have to be climbing up and down ladders just to assemble and dismantle them. The angle of the wind direction is also rather limited.

For those who are not a fan of (pun intended!) the inconvenience of cleaning these fans, then the ceiling fan is probably the most suitable for you. There’s no need to pull apart the entire fan just to clean it, even though you’d still have to climb up to give it a good wipe down. Apart from that, they free up precious floor space, which can be a rare commodity to some of us, now that our homes are getting smaller.

Another benefit of ceiling fans is the fact that it is dual purpose, as ceiling fans usually come with a lighting option too. This saves you from having to rack your brains from deciding on a light that is suitable for the room.

Traditionally, ceiling fans came in a boring white that most of us are familiar with, simply because we used to have them in our classrooms back in school. However, the designs of ceiling fans have evolved since, and today, their designs look modern, sleek and fit right into the interior of your rooms. Acorn is one company that carries top of the line ceiling fans that can keep your rooms cool while maintaining aesthetically pleasing interiors.

Whether you are looking to renovate or just got the keys to your new home, here are some of the fan models that we have picked out from Acorn that you can consider for your home:


Fantasia DC-356 is a new DC Fan invented by Acorn. The innovative DC motor is energy efficient; it consumes 50% less energy as compared to conventional fans, but still can deliver between 80 to 300 revolutions per minute (RPM).

The entire fan (except the rod) is made from ABS acrylic material, which is anti-corrosive. Each blade has been pitched at the perfect degree to deliver the breeze.

24W LED-RGB lightkits are built in and paired with a remote control that supports 6 speeds with natural wind (breeze mode) and even forward-reverse features.

Fantasia DC-356 is suitable for spaces such as Living Halls, Dining Areas, Bedrooms, Study Corners, Kitchens, Walkways, Terraces, etc.

AC-326 & AC-326NL

The Fantastique is another range of ceiling fans by Acorn. The fan is crafted with 3 acrylic contemporary blades; each blade pitched at 23˚ to ensure excellent wind performance. The design adopted a simple and clean-cut outlook which complements well with today’s interior design trends.

Similarly, 24W LED-RGB lightkits are built in, together with a touch-screen remote control. If you prefer to have just the fan without any lights, the NL cover made of zinc finishing will be attached to the bottom of the fan.

Fantastique AC-326 and AC-326NL fans are also suitable for Living Halls, Dining Areas, Bedrooms, Balconies, Study Corners, Kitchens, etc.


For those who prefer designs that are more in line with natural elements, then the FUTURISTE AC-308 is for you. One of the fan’s finishing include a premium wooden effect (as shown above), which was 100% hand painted to express the beauty of nature.

The 3 acrylic ABS blades of the AC-308 are bitched at 36° to deliver satisfactory wind performance. With a motor engineered with unique self-balancing technology, it enhances the stability and quietness which supports a natural, comfortable environment, be it for living or working.

The fan comes with 3 tones LED 18W lightkit (in Day, Warm and Cool light), together with its touch-screen remote control. Alternatively, you can also opt for AC-308NL, which is the model without lights.

At 50 inches, the fan is suitable for larger spaces such as bedrooms, dining and living halls.


Also from the FUTURISTE range is AC-309, which has an even more modern and futuristic design. As for materials used, the AC-309 kept the acrylic ABS blade, but has a metal housing.

Since it spans an overall wider diameter (56 inches as compared to 50 inches on the AC-308), it requires a lower RPM, ranging from 70-160, to produce the same amount of wind.

These are just some of the models offered by Acorn. There are also other series that were not mentioned in this post, such as Rapido, Rotatoire and Ventilateur. To find out more about all fans offered by Acorn, visit their website at

This post was brought to you in partnership with Acorn Marketing & Services.

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