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What is the best home loan in Singapore in 2020?

When it comes to buying your home, it goes without saying that we want to (and should) rack in as much savings as humanly possible and get the best home loan in Singapore. We are talking about something that takes 2-3 decades to pay off after all!  It is possibly the biggest purchase of our […]

Reduction in mortgage interest rates in anticipation of Fed Rate cut

In speculation of the rate cuts by the US Federal Reserve, Singapore banks have started to make adjustments by lowering their home loan rates. The banks have already reduced their fixed rates today in the market, so the spread between a fixed interest rate and a floating interest rate is as narrow as 10 to […]

The 5C’s of Housing that All Singaporeans Should Know

Growing up, we’ve all heard about the five Cs. Singaporeans are obsessed with getting cash, car, credit card, condominium and country club membership. But are we familiar with the five Cs of Housing? 1. Capital Buying a house requires money. And depending on the type of house you choose, that amount varies. If you are […]

New property cooling measures announced: ABSD is raised, LTV tightened

In a joint press release by the Ministry of Finance (MOF), Ministry of National Development (MND) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), it has been announced today (5th July 2018) that the Additional Buyers Stamp Duty (ABSD) rates will be raised, and that Loan-to-Value (LTV) limits will be tightened. This is part of an […]

Conversations with: Pam Chuang, GoBear

If you are someone who visits comparison websites when looking at various financial products such as travel insurance and credit cards, you would most likely have come across GoBear. If that doesn’t ring a bell, then surely the iconic (and cute!) bear mascot behind the company would. Founded in 2014, GoBear is one of the […]

Conversations with: Seow Kek Wee, Head of Investment, Unicorn Financial Solutions

The world of financial planning and advisory can be an intimidating one to foray into. With much criticism on unethical practices by financial advisors here, we exercise extra caution for fear that we’ll fall prey to a bad apple. What makes a good financial advisor? Would it be someone who invokes confidence and trust? Sure, […]

A guide to Standard Chartered home loans in Singapore

There are various banks in Singapore offering customers different interest rate packages for its home loans, and it can be a confusing process for buyers when choosing a package. Where does Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) stand as compared to other banks when it comes to home loans? Interest Offsetting Mortgage Account An interest-offset mortgage account […]

A guide to UOB Home Loan Interest Rates in Singapore

There are many different banks in Singapore offering customers different interest rate packages for it home loans. Customers can be confused when faced with such variety when having to choose a home loan package. Where does United Overseas Bank (UOB) stand as compared to other banks when it comes to home loans? UOB Property Loans […]

9 Renovation Budget Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

Did you know that the average renovation rings up to a tune of $51,000, according to data extracted from projects and contracts on Qanvast? But don’t let that faze you – just as we’ve seen amazing makeovers with five-digit budgets, we’ve seen gorgeous spaces put together on super tight budgets! To help you do just […]

A guide to OCBC Home Loan Interest Rates in Singapore

In Singapore, there are quite a number of major banks that offer attractive interest rate packages for your financing needs. How does OCBC compare to the other major banks when it comes to home loans? Below, we have compiled a list of features for your benefit that are unique to OCBC when it comes to […]