Redbrick Conversations with Sarah Ng, KEO, SN Real Estate

Redbrick Mortgage Advisory is honoured to interview Ms. Sarah Ng, KEO of SN Real Estate, a boutique agency in Singapore that is focused on delivering quality real estate solutions in the industrial and commercial sector to their diverse range of clients.

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Sarah Ng helms as the founder and key executive officer of SN Real Estate. She has more than a decade of experience in the real estate industry and have held managerial and leadership roles across planning, design, sales and marketing, and development. Amongst the various sectors, she relishes in her passion in the industrial and commercial sector.

What services does SN Real Estate provide?

Sarah: We pride ourselves in serving our clients’ real estate needs – from technical requirements to space maximisation to financial analysis to exit strategy. We provide our clients with our professional advice backed by data. Over and above, we are familiar with regulatory requirements related to the industrial and commercial sector, as well as practical day-to-day issues faced by business owners.

In terms of wealth management, we also manage and plan our clients’ portfolios. For those with a large portfolio or based overseas, we assist them to manage their assets as well.

Where do you stay and what you like about your estate?

Sarah: I have just moved to a free-hold property at Holland. I prefer mature estates as I like the layout and space it provides. As my home sits on the hill-top, so we get unblocked views from all sides, and I really like that. It is a charming estate, getting the best of both worlds with the traditional wet markets and holland village within walking distance.

I have another unit at Reflections at Keppel Bay which I have rented out. My partner and I each own 1 residential property. For investment purpose, we prefer to invest our monies in industrial properties as there is no ABSD.  

How was your property search like when you bought your current home?

Sarah: We wanted a 3-bedroom unit in either Districts 9, 10 or 11. We saw this unit on property guru, and viewing was not convenient due to the Covid-19 safe-distancing measures then.

Nevertheless, we decided to view the unit via the video that was filmed by the agent. Together with the floor plan, we decided to purchase the unit, even without viewing it personally! We felt it is a great buy as it was priced at $1,800 psf then, whereas the new launches nearby are selling approximately $2600 – $3000psf.

Was location the main reason for your home purchase?

Sarah: I chose Holland mainly due to its central location and accessibility. It is just a 7-minute walk to Holland Village MRT and a 1-minute walk to Commonwealth Market. There is a good mix of the local vibes and premium areas, so this location brings me the best of both worlds.

Which is your favourite corner of your home?

Sarah: I spend a lot of my time at home with my computer. If I were to say where I am at most of the time, I am either in my work room, dining table or the kitchen.

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Of all the property you have dealt with, which is your best investment decision so far?

Sarah: All of my investments worked out well, with good returns, with only 1 exception. I invested into a fund, where the fund manager split the land into 2 terrace houses. That was the only investment where I did not recover my capital.

What tools did you use to grow wealth or generate multiple streams of income?

Sarah: For me, it is buying property. I do invest in stocks and previously, in art paintings, but to me, buying property is still the best in growing wealth. I had an art connoisseur who helped me to invest. I took back all my capital and returns while relying on her expertise.

If you could relate your wealth creation journey to a ride in a theme park, which would it be?

Sarah:I would say a roller coaster. There will definitely be volatility in the market. In every investment, there is always ups and downs, some you gain, some you lose. With the right asset allocation, and taking a mid to long term position, I firmly believe real estate is a good asset class for wealth creation.

If you could turn back time, what would you have done differently 5 years ago?

Sarah: My first job was in a MNC company and my background was in finance and marketing. However, by fate, I joined a real estate firm with no background in the industry. It was a very steep learning curve for me, such that I wanted to quit just 6 months into the industry.

Looking back, I could have explored more MNCs in the finance or real estate sector and learn different facades of the business first before joining the real estate industry. I believe that it would have been beneficial if I got the chance to learn more about organisational structures and how big organisations work, so that I can apply them now.

Despite the hurdles I faced initially, I definitely do not regret joining this industry, and I really enjoy what I am doing right now.

The Redbrick Team
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