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The Redbrick Team

Redbrick Mortgage Advisory is an independent advisory working with all 16 banks and financial institutions in Singapore. We have achieved an excellent track record of financing more than 40,000 properties and over SGD$5 billion in annual mortgages.

Redbrick Conversation with finexis

As one of the largest independently owned financial advisory firm in Singapore, finexis is known for its holistic wealth-management for its clients. The Redbrick Team had the opportunity for a coffee chat with Ms. Hoo Yin Teng, head of digital transformation of finexis. In this article, we delve into her personal journey that led her to her current role as the lead of the digitalisation team as well as the company’s unique traits that contributed to its success. Q. Can

Redbrick Conversation with The MileLion

Aaron Wong has curated a unique brand based on his love for travelling but more importantly, travel hacks. The MileLion, founded by Aaron Wong, has been known for its distinctive posts and honest reviews, which has gathered over 12,000 individuals to join this community dedicated to travel hacking. Redbrick Mortgage Advisory has the privilege to interview Aaron on his insights on properties, and his journey in creating The MileLion and community. Q. Can you tell us more about yourself, and

Redbrick Conversation with StashAway

In Asia, financial wealth can be held across real estate, investments to bank deposits. For those who do invest their savings, traditional investment options were simply not enough anymore, and robo-advisors was born. At StashAway, its objective was to significantly improve the way people build their wealth. They had always focused on a great customer experience. Hence, in this week’s iteration of Redbrick Conversations with, we speak with Ms. Amanda Ong, Country Manager of StashAway and she shares her journey

Redbrick Conversation with Carro

At 36 years old, Aaron Tan has been dubbed as a “serial entrepreneur”. Living up to the title, Aaron had created and sold off 2 successful start-ups before turning 21. Thereafter, he started Carro. Carro provides a full-stack service for all aspects of car ownership and uses AI-powered technology to transform the car buying and selling experience. Carro is one of Singapore’s newly minted unicorn that was mentioned in the speech by Prime Minister Lee during the National Day Rally 2021.

Redbrick Conversation With PARK N PARCEL

Our team at Redbrick Mortgage Advisory had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Tan Gan Hong, COO of ParkNParcel, for our series on “Redbrick Conversations with”, where we chat with leaders of different verticals and how they value add to our local community in their unique way. ParkNParcel is an up-and-coming company that introduced the concept of using residential homes as parcel collection points and has been growing rapidly since its inception of home deliveries. Gan Hong shares how his career

Redbrick conversation with Dr Wealth

This week’s iteration of “Redbrick conversations with” covers Mr. Alvin Chow, the CEO of Dr Wealth. He shares with us his motivations for teaching personal finance, how the business has grown to what it is today, and perspectives on how we define success. Q: Can you tell us more about yourself and how you got to where you are today? Alvin: I spent my first 6 working years in the Air Force. During which, I realized that due to the

Redbrick conversation with The Smart Investor

For this week’s iteration for Redbrick conversations, our team at Redbrick is honoured to interview the co-founder of The Smart Investor, Joanna Sng. She shares about her journey to starting up the company, alongside her personal struggles and challenges. She also sheds some light on the philosophy of The Smart Investor when it comes to their members and investing.  Q. Can you tell us more about yourself, and how you got to where you are today? Joanna: In my previous

Redbrick conversation with Jeraldine Phneah

In this week’s conversation, we catch up with Ms. Jeraldine Phneah, a Singaporean who was listed as one of the LinkedIn Top Voices in 2020 and profiled by Her World magazine as part of their 60th Anniversary. She aims to empower every hardworking Singaporean to achieve their aspirations and lead fulfilling lives. We chat with Jeraldine to learn more on how she develops content around how we can all cope with the high cost of living, build rewarding careers, strive for the best for our

Redbrick conversation with ERA

We are excited to meet Mr. Marcus Chu, the newly appointed CEO of ERA Singapore and APAC Realty in this week’s cover of “Redbrick conversations with”. As CEO, Marcus leads the organisation with more than 8,000 agents in Singapore and under his leadership, ERA has developed an extensive range of proprietary tech applications such as iERA mobile app, RealtyWatch by ERA, RoboAdvisor and many more. We chat with Marcus to uncover more of his inspirational personality, how he has built

Redbrick conversation with Seedly

Personal finance management is undoubtedly crucial to leading happy and healthy financial lives, and a daunting aspect for many young adults to tackle alone. As best said by Helen Keller, “Alone, we can only do so little, together we can do so much.” By engaging the community to help one another, Seedly has become one of Singapore’s largest platforms in fostering a close-knit community committed to giving sound financial advice. This week, Redbrick had the privilege of interviewing the co-founder