The Redbrick Team

The Redbrick Team

Redbrick Mortgage Advisory is an independent advisory working with all 16 banks and financial institutions in Singapore. We have achieved an excellent track record of financing more than 40,000 properties and over SGD$5 billion in annual mortgages.

Redbrick conversation with theAsianparent

For this week’s “Redbrick conversations with”, we met up with General Manager of theAsianparent, Ms. Diora Henson. theAsianparent Singapore is the content and community platform that helps parents across Asia in their conception, pregnancy and in raising happy, healthy & confident kids​. theAsianparent reaches out to 30 million parents every month through their parenting website and app. Their vision is to help families navigate their most important moments with data-driven solutions in the form of content, community and physical products. Our team

Redbrick conversation with Dads for Life

This week’s iteration of “Redbrick conversations with” covers Bryan Tan, the CEO for Dads for Life and the Centre for Fathering. He shares with us how he balances work life with fatherhood, and how fatherhood and parenthood shift perspectives on definitions of success, alongside steps he has taken to strengthen the family unit. Q: Share with us more about how you got to be where you are today Bryan: I was formerly with MINDEF, and sometimes found it challenging to

Redbrick conversation with Financial$cents

As the famous saying goes, “the road to success is never easy”. It is usually fraught with setbacks and curveballs that no one can truly prepare for. However, our response will determine whether success is still on the cards. When it comes to overcoming challenges, few are better placed to give invaluable advice than Conrad Alvin Lim. The founder of Financial$cents had to overcome great adversity, having faced bankruptcy between 2000 and 2007. In spite of this crushing blow, he

Redbrick conversation with Budget Babe

For this week’s “Redbrick conversations with”, we met up with SG Budget Babe founder, Ms. Dawn Cher. She has established herself a successful financial blogger by the moniker of Budget Babe and brands herself as an ordinary Singaporean who deals with financial issues across broad aspects of life; Insurance, CPF, Investments in stocks, family, and pregnancy amongst many others. Q. Can you tell us more about yourself and how Budget Babe started? Dawn: Since young, my childhood ambition is to

Redbrick conversation with The Woke Salaryman

2021 is the year where the world has adapted and evolved amidst the global pandemic. Businesses in the travel and F&B industry were badly affected, across many sectors, many corporations and its employees abiding government advisory by working from home.  Individuals took advantage of this opportunity to look into how they can better manage their personal finances as well as source for reliable and independent sources of information in order to make well-informed decisions. As an independent mortgage advisory firm,

Caveats, easements, covenants and all other must-know legal jargons in your property title

While not everyone would become a lawyer in their lifetime, almost every individual would own a property at some point in time. We do not deny how daunting it may be to grasp these terms, but it is crucial for you to have a sufficient level of understanding because these very phrases determine the very value of your property and what you can or cannot do with it. By grasping the knowledge at your fingertips, the next time you head

Food for thought: Will my children be able to afford housing with current rates of inflation?

“Last time, our fishball noodles were 10 cents only!”. Most of our young readers here would know these phrases well, with parents and grandparents repeatedly displaying their awe and shock at just how much prices have risen across their lifetime in Singapore. This is all accredited to inflation. Inflation is part and parcel with a healthy and thriving economy like Singapore’s. To put it simply, inflation is the sustained increase in general price levels of all goods and services in

At the end of the road: What happens to your 99-year leasehold HDB?

Singapore has claimed the title as one of the world’s best model of public housing provision. As of 2019, a whopping 80% of Singapore’s total population resides in public homes, including those living under rental schemes. One of the main considerations you would ask when purchasing a home might be “How long more can I live here?”. This refers to the tenure of the remaining lease, which is often a major factor in the valuation of a prospective dream home.

4 Signs Your Home Can Make You Money

We have all heard of “Million-Dollar HDBs” springing up all across Singapore in the resale market for housing. For those who are unaware, these widely sought after HDBs have been sold at record-breaking prices over the $1 million price tag. Examples of these exorbitantly expensive public homes include a 5-room unit in Clementi Avenue 3, nestled right above Clementi Mall and a 4-room unit at the famous Pinnacle@Duxton smacked right in the middle the Central Business District (Tanjong Pagar). The

Here’s why you should start diversifying your portfolio

Diversification is the process of spreading your investments around to more than one type of assets. Essentially, it is to “place your eggs into different baskets”. This practice has one important role in your investment strategy: to reduce risk. We all know it is a good thing to have, but how do we diversify our portfolio? Let’s look at the different ways of diversification. Asset class diversification Different assets (stocks, bonds, real estate, cash) behave differently when the market shifts.