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Lionel Sim

Lionel had accumulated a wealth of experience as a financial advisor where he enjoyed understanding people's financial needs and helping them out. With his big passion for finance and investments, he had taken further education in finance in recent years.

Mortgage Default: Prevention and Management

In the realm of homeownership, navigating the complexities of mortgage management is essential to securing one’s financial stability. However, with Singapore’s dynamic property landscape, where market fluctuations and economic uncertainties prevail, the spectre of mortgage default looms as a potential challenge for homeowners. In this article, we delve into the critical aspects of mortgage default prevention and management, offering insights and strategies to help homeowners identify early signs of default risk, implement effective prevention measures, and take decisive steps if

Is It Worth Spending Extra For Resale HDB Flats In Mature Estates?

Location is one of the key considerations when purchasing real estate. In Singapore where over 80% of the local population resides in a Housing Development Board (HDB) flat, home buyers are often concerned about the HDB estate they would be staying in. Broadly speaking, HDB estates can be categorized into mature and non-mature. Mature estates such as Queenstown and Ang Mo Kio are known to have higher prices while non-mature estates include Bukit Panjang and Punggol. But what are the