Sean Yeo

Sean Yeo

With accounting experience in the banking and financial sectors, Sean has a multitude of experience encompassing of wealth management services such as Investment Advisory, Portfolio Management and Financing, Legacy Planning, and Property Loans. Sean prides integrity as a key value in his work and provides professional advice for his clients.

Renting Vs Buying A Home: Which Is A Smarter Choice?

The Singaporean dream is simple: own a car, have a family and own a property you can call home. Conventional wisdom in Singapore considers home ownership as one of the metrics of success. However, times have changed, and the home ownership dream is no longer what all Singaporeans strive for. Millennials (who make up the youngest group of home buyers and renters) have a different mindset and preference compared to the generation before them. This is not to say that

Fenceless Condominiums: Is it really a good idea?

Currently therein lies the rise of a certain new concept in terms of residential developments – fenceless condominiums. This is a relatively new design scheme which aims to incorporate the idea of urban connectivity and shared economies to induce a ‘kampung spirit’. As such, you might be wondering what EXACTLY are fenceless condominiums? Basically, fenceless condominiums are condominiums with minimal ‘wall’ in segregating the boundary between residents and non-residents of the specific condominium. As such, what this means is that