This Priority Banking account gives you free access to airport lounges across the world (and 1.1% interest on your savings account)

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) is currently offering an additional welcome gift for all new Priority clients. This offer is valid for all sign ups who do not have any existing accounts or credit cards with them.

Depending on the amount that you deposit with them, you would be entitled to up to $3,000 in cash, that will be credited into your accounts. The following is a detailed breakdown of the reward:

Amount deposited (S$)Account Credit (S$)
$200,000 – $799,999$1,000
$800,000 – $1,499,999$2,000
$1,500,000 and above$7,000

Travel perks

After taking notice of this promo, we decided to sign up as a priority client.

We booked a flight to Hong Kong, and wanted to check out the perks of being a SCB priority banking customer, so we went to recce the priority lounges at our airport.

At just Terminal 1 alone, we could enter up to 3 different lounges with our Priority VISA Infinite Card. This means access to a wide buffet spread, alcoholic beverages and Wi-Fi so we could stay connected at all times.

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Frequent travellers are further rewarded as you can enjoy overseas withdrawals via the Cirrus ATM networks at no additional fees. Under the international banking services, SCB is recognised across 30 markets in Asia, Africa and Middle Eastern countries. This allows the bank to be able to assist clients with their banking needs globally; on the global link platform, clients will also be able to view all of their assets on the bank.

Furthermore, you can get 1 Air Mile for every $1 spent! And as long as you charge to your card at least once while overseas, both you and your spouse would be entitled to complimentary Travel Insurance.

Account benefits

To ensure that we took advantage of all benefits, we had our salary credited into our SuperSalary account – only to realise that there were promotions on the SuperSalary account too. With its current promotion in place, our new account enjoys a bonus 1% p.a. interest rate for the first 12 months, bringing its total interest rate to 1.10% p.a.!

To many, age is just a number. But it’s just too bad we are not 55 years old yet, or we could be part of the MyWay Programme, enjoying interest rates of up to 1.28% p.a. on the MyWay savings account!

And of course, as a Priority VISA Infinite cardholder, you don’t just earn SCB’s 360º Rewards Points when you spend on the card. Additionally, other banking products, including fixed deposits, investments and mortgage loans, will also enable you to earn points. Here’s an overview of the 360º Rewards programme:

Product360º Rewards Points
Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit CardSpend S$1 and earn 1 air mile (2.5 points)
Current/Savings account10 points per month for every S$10,000 average balance
Fixed deposits10 points per month for every $10,000 average balance
Investments25 points per month for every $10,000 average Asset Under Management
Mortgage Loans10 points per month for every $10,000 outstanding balance

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