Property Quotient 3 – A Real Look At Real Estate

Redbrick’s proprietary event, Property Quotient, had its first instalment for the year on Saturday, 25 February.

In case you aren’t familiar with the concept, Property Quotient is a series of real estate seminars catered to both home owners and investors. Its sole purpose is to equip guests with the skills and knowledge in their foray into the real estate arena. While our initial instalments were on a larger scale and focused heavily on the general property outlook, we decided to scale it down this time round.


Thanks to our friends from HipVan, Property Quotient 3 was held at HipVan’s 10,000 sq ft flagship store!


Cliché seminar chairs were replaced with arm chairs and sofas (from HipVan, no less) and all of our guests received an iconic Redbrick goodie bag (with different items, of course!), but comfort aside, arrangements were made to ensure the full seminar experience was included. With our usual line-up of 4 speakers, speakers’ topics and content included home ownership and areas of opportunities for investment, how to increase the value of one’s home through renovation and home furnishing, and in light of the Lunar New Year, Feng Shui.


The event kickstarted at 10am and our first speaker was Feily Sofian from The Edge Property Singapore, who gave an in depth insight on estates in Singapore to look at if you are thinking of buying an investment property, or even leveraging on unsold units to maximise discounts on your purchase.


At 10.30am, Hassan B.K. from Renopedia took the stage.

Hassan touched on a topic close to our hearts – the meaning of home. A friendly reminder for home buyers to always distinguish our needs from our wants, as well as tips and tricks on how to save on you renovation costs.


Deborah Wee from HipVan spoke on behalf of the company at 11am. Deborah’s zoomed in on the importance of home furnishing on increasing the value of your property, and how this can be done so without breaking the bank. Additionally, she furnished (pun not intended) us on how to stage our homes to better showcase our properties online and during a viewing.


Lastly, Jacelyn Phang represented Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui Consultancy to give an introduction to Feng Shui and the overall outlook for the year.


And with that, we came to the end of our event, and lunch was served! Of course, not without the crowd being drawn to our respective speakers’ booths, especially the booths set up by Yuan Zhong Siu that provided a free aura reading session to all attendees.




Eventually, all good things have to come to an end, and that was how we closed off this chapter of Property Quotient. Once again, we would like to extend our thanks to all our attendees for their unwavering support! Property Quotient was put together with our clients and attendees in mind, and this was only made possible with your support.

Additionally, it would not have been possible either without our partners and speakers for their participation and sponsorship, and of course, special thanks to the HipVan team for graciously opening up their showroom, as well as our friends from Circular Law Chambers.

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See you at our next event! 🙂

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