Service and Conservancy Charges 101 and Rebates in 2023

Do you know that between 1.5 months to 3.5 months of Service and Conservancy Charges rebates are given out to Singaporean households living in HDB flats every year. But before we deep dive into the government rebates for Service and Conservancy Charges, let’s understand what the fee is for.

If you are staying in a HDB flat, you will need to pay Service and Conservancy Charges every month to your town council. This fee is used to cover the cost of management, maintenance, and upkeep of common property within the HDB estates. Depending on the respective town council, the monthly Service and Conservancy Charge will vary across Singapore. Additionally, different flat types will also pay different rates, with bigger flat types paying more.

More specifically, the Service and Conservancy Charges will go towards:

  • Cleaning works such as sweeping of HDB common corridors and staircases
  • Conservancy works such as refuse collection
  • Landscaping and horticulture work such as tree pruning and grass cutting
  • Provision of essential electrical and mechanical maintenance and repairs of lightings, lifts, water pumps, switch rooms and life rescue services
  • Preventive and cyclical maintenance works such as lift servicing, replacement of water pipes
  • Building maintenance such as repainting and plastering

Starting from 1 April 2017, the Government has also mandated all town councils to set aside a minimum of 14% of the Service and Conservancy Charges collected into a dedicated lift replacement fund. This requirement aims to propel the upgrading as well as improving the HDB lift’s performance.

Service and Conservancy Charges 2

Two Service and Conservancy Charges Rates: Normal or Reduced Rates?

Across all the Town Councils, there are 2 rates for Service and Conservancy Charges: Normal and Reduced Rate. An example of the charges by Jurong-Clementi Town Council shown below reflects the 2 rates, with further breakdown into flat types.

Service and Conservancy Charges for Jurong-Clementi Town Council (with effect from 1 June 2018)

Service and Conservancy Charges _table1

Who is eligible for the Reduced Rate of Service and Conservancy Charges?

  • At least 1 flat owner or essential occupier or tenant in the HDB flat is a Singapore Citizen
  • None of the flat owner(s), essential occupier(s) or tenant(s) of the HDB flat own or have interest in a private residential, commercial and/or industrial property

Who will be charged the Normal Rate of Service and Conservancy Charges?

  • None of the flat owner or essential occupier or tenant in the HDB flat is a Singapore Citizen
  • The flat owner(s), essential occupier(s) or tenant(s) of the HDB flat owns or have interest in a private residential, commercial and/or industrial property
  • The HDB flat is owned by a corporate body
  • The HDB flat is rented to a corporate body
  • The HDB flat is vacant

How to pay your Service and Conservancy Charges?

  • In person at your respective Town council office with payment methods of cash, NETS, credit card
  • At any AXS stations and SAM machines island wide
  • At any Post office island wide
  • Interbank GIRO • Mail cheque to your respective Town council office
  • Internet banking on DBS, OCBC, Standard Chartered or UOB
  • Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa)

You would be able to check your monthly payable Service and Conservancy Charges bill on AXS or SAM machines after the 7th of every month.

Additionally, you may inquire by contacting your respective town councils via phone or email.

GSTV – Service and Conservancy Charges Rebate in 2023

Eligible Singaporean households residing in HDB flats will receive S&CC rebates in January, April, July, and October. These rebates will be applied directly to offset the corresponding month’s S&CC bill.

Service and Conservancy Charges _table2

S&CC Rebate Eligibility Criteria

  • HDB household
  • At least one Singapore Citizen flat owner or occupier in the HDB flat
  • The flat owner(s) and essential occupier(s) of the HDB flat do not own or have interest in private residential, commercial and/or industrial property
  • The flat owner(s) did not rent out the entire HDB flat

If you are eligible for the rebates, the respective Town Councils will credit the S&CC rebates directly to your household’s S&CC accounts.Therefore, no further action or application is necessary to receive the rebate.

In case of disputes or inquiries regarding S&CC rebate eligibility, you can submit your questions via HDB InfoWEB using your Singpass. You can access this feature through My Flat > Purchased Flat/Rental Flat > S&CC Rebate > Feedback.

For inquiries concerning S&CC payments or S&CC household accounts, please contact your respective Town Councils for assistance.

Service and Conservancy Charges 3

Challenges and Concerns

It is not common to imagine some unhappiness each time Government announces an increase in the S&CC Charges. But why do they need to increase it?

As per a STRAITS TIMES article back in April 2023, coordinating chairman for PAP town councils Lim Biow Chuan mentioned that town councils have been facing increasing cost pressures over energy prices, maintenance costs and manpower costs.  Some of such increases have been particularly sharp, such as energy prices, which have risen by 23 per cent since 5 years ago. 

Elevated maintenance expenses for lifts have arisen. Mainly due to the increased labour expenses for lift technicians and a rise in material costs.

He also mentioned that with the implementation of the Progressive Wage Model to uplift low-wage workers. The town councils’ operational costs have also gone up due to increase in tender prices for conservancy cleaning contracts and horticulture contracts.


Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) play a pivotal role in the upkeep and management of HDB estates in Singapore. This short article has shed light on the significance of S&CC and its multifaceted allocation. It also discusses the impact of government initiatives, such as the lift replacement fund. We have elucidated the differentiation between Normal and Reduced S&CC rates based on eligibility criteria, along with the diverse payment methods available to residents.

This article has highlighted the anticipated GSTV S&CC rebates scheduled for 2023 and outlining the eligibility criteria for these rebates. Do follow the suggested guideline for avenues on seeking clarification or dispute.

As Singapore continues to evolve, the efficient maintenance of HDB estates remains a collective effort, ensuring residents enjoy safe and well-maintained living environments.

Dylan Zhang
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