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20 housing types in Singapore — Do you know them all? (Part II)

This is the continuation of a two-part series. If you have not read the Part I of this series, which we talked about Singapore’s public and hybrid housing types such as HDB flats, ECs, DBSS flats and HUDC flats, you can find out more about them here. In this segment, we will be focusing on […]

20 housing types in Singapore — Do you know them all? (Part I)

Ever wondered what are the types of properties available in Singapore? Despite the fact that over 80% of Singapore’s resident population live in public housing aka the HDB flats, there is still a great diversity of housing types available in the city-state to meet the different housing needs and stages of the life course of […]

Real Estate 101: What are property yields?

You have seen the term ‘property yield’ in property news, investor reports, newsletters, etc. But are you sure of what the term means exactly? This term an important metric, and a must-know for property investors. As such, this article is designed to provide you with a concise explanation of what a ‘property yield’ means. Definition […]

Private condominiums in Singapore – What are the differences?

According to a household survey conducted by the Department of Statistics, more Singaporeans are now living in condominiums. The proportion of Singaporeans living in condominiums is likely to increase given that median monthly household income is on the rise. First time homeowners looking to buy a condominium may not be able to differentiate between the […]

Is now the best time to rent office spaces?

Coming off an interesting 2017 where rental prices were gradually declining in the Singapore commercial office market, the market is presenting itself as an excellent time for rental opportunity. As of Q2 2017, the market has deemed to bottom out completely – meaning now is the best situation for tenants looking for new office spaces. […]

Troubling retail market – A silver lining for tenants?

Singapore’s retail property market has faced a challenging climate over the past 2 years. In general, the retail scene has faced constant challenges by the rising popularity of e-commerce, where consumers and shoppers can simply make purchases online and delivered right at their doorsteps. This is a threatening situation to retail tenants – why travel […]

Conversations with Real Estate Personalities: David Ng

When you think of property valuations in Singapore, the name David Ng comes to mind. As a veteran valuer, he has come a long way in the local real estate scene. To many of us, the word ‘valuation’ is commonly associated with properties, be it residential, commercial or industrial. Yet there’s more to it than […]