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Real estate crowdfunding: 3 things to know before you invest

What is crowdfunding?  Crowdfunding offers a platform for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs to raise funds. Business ventures are, as the name suggests, funded by a crowd of people over the internet. A well-known example of a crowdfunding platform would be American-based Kickstarter, which focuses largely on creative projects. A number of companies crowdfunded on Kickstarter […]

REITs: What are they, and how do they differ from Property Stocks?

What are REITs? Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are companies that own and operate a portfolio of income-producing real estate. In 2002, the first REIT CapitaLand Mall Trust was listed on the Singapore stock market. It remained the only REIT on the Straits Times Index (STI) all the way until 2014 when Ascendas REIT joined […]

Does my property have en bloc potential?

During the en bloc craze some 18-24 months ago, many of the beneficiaries became overnight millionaires. A millionaire, overnight. I doubt there is any other phrase as sexy. As such, many of the rest of us will be wondering if we too can join their esteemed ranks. How would we know if our condominiums, or […]

National Day Rally 2019: Future Development Plans for Singapore

In this year’s National Day Rally, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong highlighted a few plans that are close to the heart of every Singaporean, such as education and retirement age. With environmental concerns gaining worldwide attention, some possible options to tackle climate change were also being addressed in the speech. But in this article, we […]

How to leverage on property cycles to sell and buy property

In real estate, timing is everything. Timing your decisions to buy and sell property is the key to maximising profits. Experts usually do so by studying the fluctuations of prices within the real estate cycle. Whether you are a homeowner, investor or a renter, it is important to understand how the property cycle works in […]

Here’s how you find out the real potential of your property

Do you know the real potential of your property? Generally, every real estate owner or prospective buyer only has their personal (or even perceived) interests at heart. What this means is that one decides to buy a property because he/she fancies it based on merely physical characteristics, or even on an unfound basis that it […]

Orchard Road: At an all time low

Known as Singapore’s premier shopping belt since the 1960s after the area was zoned for retail, Orchard Road is no stranger to the retail scene. However, Singapore’s once-famed shoppers’ paradise is slowly losing its significance. This is evident in the falling foot traffic along the 2.2km retail strip and the five-year high vacancy rate of […]

Consider These 4 Factors Before Deciding On An HDB Loan Or Bank Loan

Deciding between taking up a HDB loan or a bank loan is no different from an expensive game of preferences: besides just choosing which is the cheaper option, there are other considerations that you might want to look into as well. Here are some of the main differences that you might wish to consider when […]

REITs – Here’s why you should invest in them

Real estate has always been a popular vehicle of investment, well known for its extremely resilient nature. However, people generally are put off by the high prices of acquiring a real estate asset. The benefits of investing in real estate are often a key factor for first-time homeowners; however, the high down payments can be […]

How to spot excellent rental opportunities as a tenant

If you have been following up with Singapore’s property markets over the past year, there has been mainly one specific trend: recovery. Singapore’s recovery across the various markets, and particularly the office and residential markets has been phenomenal. Notwithstanding that, the retail market is still in a slump, although this presents an excellent opportunity for […]