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A celebrated win for many around the world, but will the world ever return from an era of Trumpism?

Winning 306 electoral votes, Joe Biden took the US elections by storm to become the President-Elect of 2020. For most, it is a much-celebrated win after 4 grueling years under the Trump administration which saw radical and major political shifts both internally and internationally. ‘Trumpism’ – a term drawing reference to the style of governance […]

A time of political polarization beyond our borders and how it impacts on our land

The first Presidential Electoral Debates took off to a bad start in the last week of September, starring incumbent President of the United States (POTUS) Trump and political rival, Joe Biden. With both setting their sights on winning the election set to happen on 3rd of November 2020, candidates found themselves in a spat involving […]

Public Housing Gem: 3Gen flats

In 2013, the Housing Development Board (HDB) of Singapore introduced a new type of flat called 3-generation (3Gen) flats. These flats, though launched 7 years ago, still remain a mystery to some people.   The aim of launching these flats is to cater to multi-generational families living together or intend to live together. Then National […]

COVID-19: The future of commercial spaces hangs in the balance

As many of us move into our 5th month of working primarily from home, some of us may be wondering: is this the beginning of the end of the commercial real estate industry? This does not come as a surprise to many, with remote working and telecommuting now set as the default amidst the ongoing […]

Save today, spend more tomorrow: Things to note when buying a home with a short remaining lease

Making headlines recently, a 4-room HDB flat in Tiong Bahru with a short 51-year lease remaining was sold for a whopping $1.1 million, jumping on a bandwagon of HDBs crossing the million-dollar price point. However, cases as such surface only once in a blue moon. More often than not, informed property buyers avoid purchasing properties […]

COVID-19: Resilience in the eye of a storm

Currently, with over 150 vaccines being aggressively tested all around the world, countries are caught up in a heated race to put a stop to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic that has led to massive business windups, long lines of workers at the risk of being furloughed and massive destabilization of major economies. Amidst this unprecedented […]

Which projects should you look out for in Singapore’s largest BTO launch this August? (Part 2)

With BTO applications just right around the corner, we bring to you the second part of the August BTO project launch overview. In our previous article, we took a closer look at 2 main projects to be launched in the non-mature estates, namely Woodlands and Tengah. For those gunning for a shot at a mature […]

Which projects should you look out for in Singapore’s largest BTO launch this August? (Part 1)

Due to implemented Circuit Breaker measures between April and June amidst the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, Built-To-Order (BTO) launches for May 2020 were postponed and merged with sale launches in August. With August around the corner, HDB will be announcing the launch of 8 major BTO projects across various regions around the city, both in the […]

A shift in the banking world: Introducing SORA, the Singapore Overnight Rate Average

Until most recently, SOR and SIBOR rates were traditionally used to price mortgage loan rates here in Singapore. However, it was announced back in Aug 2019 that the Singapore Overnight Rate Average (SORA) will be the new benchmark SGD interest rate that would eventually replace SOR and SIBOR. Following the gradual uncovering of a scandalous […]

Sometimes selling your home does more harm than good, and here’s why

With COVID-19 and its tremors felt in the job market, some may consider selling their homes and trade it for a budget-friendlier option in the effort to cut lean in light of rainier days ahead. While that may be a frugal and wise choice for some, it is important to note that the sale of […]