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4 major challenges faced when investing overseas

With no sign that the Singapore government is going to do away with cooling measures, many investors might be looking overseas for good investment opportunities. Many marketers are also holding regular overseas property seminars to generate interest among Singaporean investors. But before you jump on the bandwagon and decide on committing your money on overseas […]

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): What are they and how you can find the best REITs in Singapore

Want to expand your portfolio and invest in other asset classes such as the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)? By investing in a variety of asset classes, a diversified portfolio not only helps you to reduce risk and volatility, but also to gain access to potentially higher returns. In this article, we will provide an […]

9 platforms you can search for real estate-related secondary data

Many a time, home purchasers face the choice between buying Property X, Property Y, or even Property Z.  Being able to obtain the most updated information from reliable platform(s) and make an educated, well-informed decision is paramount to buyers. How many of us can confidently choose between 23456 varieties of housing options that are listed […]

How much must you earn to afford a property in Singapore?

Currently, 9 out of 10 residents already own their homes and the trend is anticipated to continue. However, buying a home is never easy – especially when Singapore is one of the places in the world with exorbitant property prices. The costs you will have to bear for your first property acquisition will further skyrocket […]

What is the importance of share value?

For current as well as prospective owners/subsidiary proprietors (SPs) of condominiums (or any other strata titled properties), it is important to understand the concept of share value of their property. Taking into consideration the fact that condominiums are generally strata-titled developments, the concept of share value is one that will be utilized for a wide […]

Real estate crowdfunding: 3 things to know before you invest

What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding offers a platform for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs to raise funds. Business ventures are, as the name suggests, funded by a crowd of people over the internet. A well-known example of a crowdfunding platform would be American-based Kickstarter, which focuses largely on creative projects. A number of companies crowdfunded on Kickstarter […]

9 easy ways to increase the value of your house

Thinking of selling your property?  Trying to maximise the value of your home with minimal effort? We have the solutions for you; here are 9 quick tips that will bring in as much cash as possible: Tip 1: Consult an interior designer Call and invite an interior designer over to have a look at your […]

8 reasons why you should invest in real estate

Thinking about investing in real estate? Well, we must say that real estate indeed is an amazing asset to invest in due to its many qualities. Rather than investing in paper or digital notes which you cannot feel, real estate’s physical qualities make it an amazing asset to own. Without further ado, here are 8 […]

What are Singapore’s latest property cooling measures?

Since 2009, you may have heard countless times about Singapore adopting several ‘property cooling measures’. Have you ever wondered what the hype is with cooling measures, and why are so many people concerned about them? Let’s face it, most of us do not even know what some of these cooling measures are, and how they […]