Thomas Chew

Thomas Chew

Thomas takes pride in helping people with their financing needs. Before joining Redbrick, he enjoyed a celebrated career in the local banking scene, acquiring numerous sales and service awards to his name. Many years on in banking, Thomas takes his experience and now specializes in mortgage advisory. Exuding confidence in his work, he believes that every client should be prepared to be wowed by his award winning service.

Why the craze over en bloc sales?

If you were to flip through any newspaper, or to scroll through any newsfeed on your devices, there is a high chance of you coming across some kind of news about en-bloc sales in Singapore. With all the en-bloc craze and your friends going on and on about their hopes for their homes to go on en-bloc, what exactly is en-bloc? What kind of developments are sold in en-bloc sales? Sale of the entire strata development Sale of entire property

Singapore Private Residential Market: Going Forward in 2018

Coming off a rather intriguing year where the private residential market seemed to pick up momentum at the end of 2017, this year is poised to be one that embraces the whole impact of the recovery phase. The aforesaid momentum gained last year can be said to be rather unprecedented, with rapid en bloc sales as well as increase in demand across all private residential property types. In this article, we will identify the underlying factors that are likely to

3 amenities that can boost your property’s value

With the government offering a variety of housing grants to first-timer and second-timer applicants of Build-to-Order (BTO) as well as the availability resale flats, you may already be on the lookout for a flat to purchase. With that, a crucial question you might ask yourself is “where should my house be located?”. In real estate, one would be familiar with the saying “location, location, location”; which suggests that when purchasing or investing in properties, more focus should be on location